Community Cats

What is a "Community Cat"?

Community Cats are free-roaming feral, stray or lost cats who live outside and don't belong to anyone in particular.  These cats are victims, not vermin as some people believe. 

Somewhere in the lives of these cats - or the lives of previous generations of these cats - a HUMAN was irresponsible and didn't spay or neuter.  It's not the cat's fault!  Although these cats don't belong to any one person in particular, we are ALL responsible for them.  It is our responsiblity as caring human beings to care for those in need. These cats are in need of our support and understanding.

We offer a weekly TNR training class on Sundays at various locations.  Please register for the class by texting 850-501-1531.

Animal Allies Florida was founded by individuals that were TNR'ing feral cats.  TNR = Trap/Neuter/Return.  Feral cats are humanely trapped, neutered and returned to the areas where they were originally caught. 

The majority of feral cats are not adoptable.  They don't trust humans and, in most cases, will never trust humans enough to be adopted.  The best thing we can do for them is to spay or neuter them so no more cats are born into the feral colony. 

However, when TNR'ing, you frequently come across kittens and stray cats.  Stray cats are friendly cats that, again, some human has let down by abandoning and leaving the cat to fend for itself.  Stray cats may be adoptable depending on how long they have been fending for themselves and the cat's personality.  Feral kittens under 3 months of age can be socialized and learn to trust people.  These kittens can be adopted.

If you are interested in learning about TNR (trap, neuter, return) of community cats, please contact us at .

You can also register your feral cat colony by clicking here .

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